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Getting Started with Apps

ServerPilot makes it easy to run apps, such as WordPress, on your server. This series will cover the most important steps to getting your apps available to your visitors.

  1. Apps are your web applications or websites. This tutorial shows how ServerPilot configures your apps, so you can deploy your code successfully.
  2. The most important things to consider when adding apps are memory, disk space, and CPU. This tutorial will teach you how to measure each one to know how many apps your server can hold.
  3. Whether you're launching a WordPress app with our one-click installer or deploying a custom app like one built with Laravel, it takes just a few clicks to create your app in ServerPilot.
  4. If you didn't set your app's domain when you created it in ServerPilot (or if you need to change it), don't fret. This tutorial is all you need.
  5. If you thought ServerPilot made it easy to configure your app, see how easy it is to create a database.
  6. If you need to move an existing website to your new server, this tutorial is essential reading.
  7. By default, ServerPilot creates a separate system user for each app. This isolates apps from one another to keep your apps secure.
Last updated: July 24, 2018

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