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DigitalOcean Control Panel

ServerPilot is the ideal alternative to cPanel and Plesk for DigitalOcean. From speed to security to usability to cost, ServerPilot was made for hosting on cloud servers and VPSes.

Times Have Changed

In the late 1990s, servers were expensive and their users were different. Hosting companies needed to pack customers onto a single dedicated server regardless of speed, security, or usability. Traditional control panels met the needs of that era.

Fast forward to today. Virtualization has made it affordable for everyone to host websites on their own servers. Whether you're a developer moving from shared hosting or a hosting company looking to the future, VPSes are now a core part of your business.

Designed for DigitalOcean

ServerPilot was built from the ground up as a control panel for DigitalOcean. Our service gives you the ideal way to host websites on VPSes.

With ServerPilot, your servers are instantly secured and configured for hosting PHP apps. We keep your servers updated and provide monitoring while you manage all of your servers from one place. We make it easy to host multiple websites on each server, create databases, deploy SSL, and everything else from both our web interface and API.

Share Our Vision

DigitalOcean VPSes are only going to get faster and cheaper. What you need is the perfect hosting control panel for DigitalOcean. That's what ServerPilot is.

Experience for yourself why ServerPilot and DigitalOcean are together changing the hosting industry. Spin up a droplet today and give ServerPilot a try.

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