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cloud server management

Control Panel

Connect servers from any server provider and let ServerPilot do the configuration and management. Host WordPress sites and other PHP apps with ease.

Fast Install

It takes less than two minutes for ServerPilot to configure a new server. Just sit back and watch as everything is taken care of for you.

Instant Changes

Whether you're creating a new site or enabling free SSL, every change you make in ServerPilot happens immediately on your server.

Grows With You

Pay only for what you use. Pricing that works for developers, agencies, and hosts.


If you're building your own hosting platform, ServerPilot gives you full control with a modern API.

Beautifully Simple

We've made professional hosting on cloud servers easy for everyone.

Application Stack

Run your sites with the most advanced configuration optimized for speed, security, and the flexibility PHP and WordPress sites need.


HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of a web page's images, stylesheets, and scripts so browsers get them faster.


With Nginx as your public-facing web server, your sites get the speed, scalability, and security of Nginx.

✓ Nginx 1.21

✓ Asynchronous request handling

✓ Slowloris protection


Nginx proxies requests to a local instance of Apache so WordPress and PHP sites can leverage Apache's advanced per-site configurability.

✓ Apache 2.4

✓ .htacess files

✓ mod_rewrite

Any PHP Version

The latest PHP versions and all updates are available the moment they're released. Need an old version? Just let our support know.

✓ PHP 8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 8.0, and 7.4

✓ PHP 7.2 and 7.3 available on request (requires Ubuntu 18.04)


The PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) optimizes your server's resource usage by scaling PHP processes based on request load.


The world's most popular open source database gives you proven performance and reliability.

✓ MySQL 8.0 and 5.7


As new, faster web standards like Google's Brotli are added, ServerPilot makes sure you're using the best technology available.


ServerPilot's built-in support for IPv6 requires no configuration by you.


Your servers run on Ubuntu LTS, the world's most popular enterprise Linux distribution. Ubuntu is supported by every server provider.

Ubuntu LTS is Ubuntu's Long Term Support release. Learn more about Ubuntu →


ServerPilot is designed and built by an experienced team that includes security researchers and early Amazon sysadmins. We know the importance of keeping your data safe.

Secure Architecture

With the most advanced security architecture of any control panel, we've defined the new hosting industry standard.

✓ Minimal attack surface

✓ Code signing

✓ Offline key storage

Best Practices

Our security practices exist to protect both our internal systems and your servers.

✓ Access control

✓ Secure VPNs

✓ Argon2id password hashing

Automated Updates

ServerPilot keeps your server's software up to date so you always have the latest security patches.


From the moment you connect your server, malicious traffic to private services is blocked by an iptables firewall we configure on your server.

Traffic only allowed for HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP/SSH.

No Open Ports

Unlike other control panels, you don't increase your attack surface with required open ports. You can even use ServerPilot on VMs in your own network.

You manage your server through ServerPilot. There's never an out-of-date control panel attackers can access on your server.

Unprivileged PHP

Your PHP processes run as an unprivileged system user, keeping your websites isolated from the rest of your services.

App Isolation

Separate system users and filesystem access control lists prevent any insecure WordPress plugins from affecting other sites on the same server.


We configure secure SFTP on your servers so you don't have to use insecure FTP.

SSL Everywhere

Free SSL certificates are automatically deployed and updated for your sites. And ServerPilot always uses SSL, including when communicating with your servers.

✓ Let's Encrypt

✓ TLS 1.3

✓ Downgrade protection

✓ Handshake encryption


Integrated monitoring saves you time and takes advantage of the fact that ServerPilot knows exactly what's running on your server and how it's configured.

Server Health

Real-time server stats. Keep an eye on everything through our dashboard.

✓ CPU usage

✓ Memory usage

✓ Disk space

✓ Bandwidth

Log Viewer

Easily view server and application log files without SSH'ing into each server.

Request Stats

Understand the health of your apps and what your users are experiencing. Track requests and errors for each app while having immediate access to log entries for any errors.


From stack traces of slow scripts to actionable information on execution time and memory usage, you can easily understand and improve app performance.


Truly great support when you need it. But we try hard to keep you from needing support.


Our technical support staff are hosting industry veterans with years of hands-on server administration experience.

In-House Support

ServerPilot's technical support team are employees based in the U.S.

We never outsource support.

Searchable Docs

With hundreds of clear, useful articles and an advanced documentation search system, you can easily find answers you need.

Low Support Load

If you're running a hosting company, you'll experience the industry's lowest per-customer, per-site, and per-server support loads.

✓ Happy users

✓ More time to build your business

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