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What Is ServerPilot?

ServerPilot is a cloud service for hosting WordPress and other PHP websites on servers at DigitalOcean, Amazon, Google, or any other server provider. You can think of ServerPilot as a modern, centralized hosting control panel.

ServerPilot does not provide servers. Instead, we make it easy to host PHP sites on your own servers. You don't need to know how to administer a server because ServerPilot does it for you.

ServerPilot is software you license to help you manage your own cloud servers.

For fully managed hosting, our service EarlyDog provides industry-leading hosting on Google Cloud servers.

What ServerPilot Does

When you connect a server to ServerPilot, our automated systems install and configure all of the software you need to host WordPress or any other PHP web application. ServerPilot then keeps all of your server's software updated and your sites secured with SSL. When you need to add a new site to your server, it takes only a few clicks in ServerPilot.

  • Software Installation – ServerPilot installs all of the software your server needs, including PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Apache.
  • Firewall Configuration – ServerPilot secures your server with an iptables firewall.
  • Automatic Updates – ServerPilot keeps your server's packages updated.
  • AutoSSL – ServerPilot issues and deploys free SSL certificates trusted by all browsers.
  • Stats and Monitoring – ServerPilot provides stats and monitoring for your servers and sites.

Professional PHP and WordPress Hosting

With ServerPilot, you get the best possible hosting for your sites. Whether you're hosting your first WordPress site or your company's SaaS product that thousands of customers rely on, ServerPilot gives you the fastest, easiest, and most secure hosting possible.

Get Started

The best way to experience ServerPilot is to try it out.

First, sign up for an account.

Next, follow along with our tutorial for installing WordPress.

Launch your first site in 5 minutes