Optimized Laravel 8 hosting

With its simple interface and automated server management, ServerPilot lets you host your Laravel sites on DigitalOcean, Linode, Amazon, and more.

1. Create a server

Create a Laravel server at DigitalOcean

2. One-click SSL

Enable Free SSL certificate

3. Host Laravel

Create and host a Laravel site

Works with any server provider

The simple path to fast and secure Laravel 8 hosting

You're already building your apps. Let us build your server.

Simply connect a cloud server with a fresh installation of Ubuntu and ServerPilot will build your web stack, configure your firewall, and more.

Welcome to great Laravel hosting

Agencies and developers have been using ServerPilot to make hosting Laravel easy from the start all the way through to Laravel 6 LTS, Laravel 7, and now Laravel 8.

Fast and Flexible

Nginx + Apache for speed and flexibility

PHP-FPM with PHP 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 (5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 on request)

Instantly switch between PHP versions

Multiple apps on a single server

Automated Security

Built by security researchers

Firewall by default

Automatic server security updates

One-click SSL with HTTP/2 support

Health and Support

Server health monitoring and statistics

Application performance management

Integrated log viewer

Support directly from our developers

Automated, Free SSL

The most reliable Let's Encrypt integration anywhere. SSL that just works.

One-Click WordPress

Our one-click WordPress installer creates your new sites in seconds.

Reliability for your business

SaaS booking company Resurva switched to ServerPilot in 2013 for speed, security, and uptime.

Switching to ServerPilot gave us a 10x speedup. Our developers love it.

Launch your first site in 5 minutes