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How to Create an App

ServerPilot makes it easy to create PHP apps and manually install them onto your server using SFTP. An app is a web application, such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or Drupal.

After you have connected your server to ServerPilot, click Create App.

Give your app a name and enter your site's domain if you have one. Select the PHP version and the server you want this app to be on. You may also select the system user you want to run this app.

Do not check the box next to WordPress unless you want to run ServerPilot's one-click WordPress installer.

Now, click Create App to submit the form. You'll be shown some details about the app.

You can now upload files to your app's web root directory (apps/APPNAME/public) using Cyberduck or your preferred SFTP client.

You can also create a MySQL database for your app through ServerPilot.

Once you have completely installed your app and added your domains, be sure to configure your DNS for your domains.

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