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How to Use Linode Longview

Longview is Linode's internal monitoring service that offers a graphical view of your server's health, data, and statistics.

To use Longview, you must set it up on your Linode server before you connect your server to ServerPilot.

Due to a bug in Longview's installer, it will not allow you to set it up on a Linode server that has previously been connected to ServerPilot.

First, create a server on Linode.

Then, under the Longview tab at the top of the screen, click Add Client.

Now, you'll need to install the Longview agent on your server.

Copy the command from the popup that appears.

SSH in to your new server as root and paste the command.

This command is unique for each server you connect to Longview.

When Longview has installed, you'll begin to see your usage graphs.

You can now connect your Linode server to ServerPilot.

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