Business Plan Features

Along with all features of the Coach plan, ServerPilot's Business plan now offers slow script warnings and detailed app statistics, such as memory usage and requests analytics, as well as high priority support and a log viewer.

High Priority Support

Timely support is important. If you're on the Business plan, your support requests get bumped to the front of the line.

Slow Scripts Warnings

If you have had a PHP script taking more than five seconds to execute, ServerPilot will alert you on your app's Stats page.

Usage Stats

The Business plan lets you easily monitor how much memory is being used by your PHP processes and how much disk space is being used by your files, logs, and databases.

App Stats Overview

Easily find out which apps are using the most resources with a sortable overview of all of your apps.

PHP Request and Execution Stats

ServerPilot analyzes the requests being executed by each app's PHP processes and provides you insight into your code's resource usage and performance.

Daily Requests and Errors

To help you understand the total traffic to your apps, including both static file requests and requests to PHP scripts, ServerPilot provides you the total number of daily requests and errors. For any days with errors, you can quickly see the relevant web server log lines.

Log Viewer

ServerPilot also provides an integrated log viewer to Business plan users. You can view the most recent log entries from global server logs as well as individual app logs.