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First Class Plan Features

Along with all features of the Business plan, ServerPilot's First Class plan offers slow script warnings, app request and performance statistics, and high priority support.

High Priority Support

Mission-critical servers and apps need the fastest support. For your servers on the First Class plan and the apps on those servers, your support requests get bumped to the front of the line.

Slow Scripts Warnings

If you have had a PHP script taking more than five seconds to execute, ServerPilot will alert you on your app's Stats page as well as in the apps list, allowing you to quickly see which apps have slow scripts.

PHP Request and Execution Stats

ServerPilot analyzes the requests being executed by each app's PHP processes and provides you insight into your code's resource usage and performance.

Daily Requests and Errors

To help you understand the total traffic to your apps, including both static file requests and requests to PHP scripts, ServerPilot provides you the total number of daily requests and errors. For any days with errors, you can quickly see the relevant web server log lines.

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