Hosting your Magento store made easy on any cloud server.

With its simple setup and automated server management, ServerPilot offers the easiest way to host your Magento sites on DigitalOcean, Linode, Rackspace, Vultr, and others.

1. Create a server

Create a Magento server at DigitalOcean

2. Connect to ServerPilot

Connect your server to ServerPilot

3. Host Magento

Host your Magento site

Why Host Magento with ServerPilot?

Simple, Flexible, and Fast

We've optimized our control panel so you can host multiple Magento and PHP apps on your server quickly and without complexity. Power your online store with Magento and your store's blog with WordPress.

Automated Security and SSL

Our team of security researchers has built a management service that automatically updates your server with security patches while monitoring server health, request stats, and logs. With our one-click AutoSSL, ServerPilot will issue and deploy a free SSL certificate for each of your sites.

Smart Support and Documentation

We offer extensive developer-friendly tutorials, and our developers are on hand to answer any other questions you have.

ServerPilot lets us focus on our business. Our developers love it.

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