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WHMCS Addon Modules

WHMCS is a PHP app that provides a customer-facing billing and support system for hosting companies.

WHMCS Name and History

The name WHMCS stands for WHM Complete Solution. So what's WHM? WHM, or WebHost Manager, is part of cPanel's hosting control panel. As WHMCS was originally created in 2006 to add a billing system on top of cPanel, they used WHM in the name.

Since 2006, WHMCS has become an extensible billing and support system on top of many hosting control panels, not just cPanel. This support for many control panels is done through WHMCS Addons.

WHMCS Addon Modules for ServerPilot

There are currently no actively maintained WHMCS modules for selling hosting using ServerPilot.

Previous WHMCS addon modules that are no longer maintained:

WHMCS Alternatives

Previous WHMCS alternatives that are no longer maintained:

Last updated: September 2, 2022

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