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How to Install a File Manager on Your Server

Installing a file manager such as FileGator can provide a convenient way for you and others to upload and share files.

How to Configure Cyberduck for WordPress

To help you have the easiest experience using SFTP for your WordPress apps, we recommend adjusting these settings as soon as you have installed Cyberduck.

How to Install the Cyberduck SFTP Client

The Cyberduck SFTP client is available for download for both Mac OS X and Windows from https://cyberduck.io. Cyberduck for Mac On Cyberduck's homepage, click Download Cyberduck-x.

How to Use the FileZilla SFTP Client

The FileZilla SFTP client can be downloaded for both macOS and Windows from https://filezilla-project.org. To use FileZilla, download and install it from the site listed above as you would any other software for your Mac or PC.

How to Troubleshoot SFTP Connection Issues

If you are having trouble SFTPing in to your server, follow these steps one-by-one until your problem is resolved.

How to Configure DeployBot

DeployBot is a service that will automatically deploy files from your GitHub or BitBucket repositories to your apps. The Basic plan costs $15 per month and allows you to deploy code from up to 10 git repositories.

How to Upload Files over SFTP with Cyberduck

Once you've installed Cyberduck, it's time to set up Cyberduck so you can upload your files to your apps.

What Is SFTP?

There are two ways to get files onto your server: SSH and SFTP. We recommend SFTP instead of SSH for its ease of use.

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