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Server Monitoring Dashboards

Dashboard: Servers - General Availability: Business plan, First Class plan Chart Description CPU usage (max) The maximum usage of a server's total CPU capacity across all cores.

App Monitoring Dashboards

Dashboard: Apps - General Availability: Business plan (limited), First Class plan Some charts on this dashboard require the First Class plan.

MySQL Monitoring Dashboards

Dashboard: MySQL - General Availability: First Class plan Chart Description Query rate (avg) The average per-second rate of queries executed by MySQL.

Using Time Ranges in Monitoring Dashboards

Predefined Time Ranges To select a predefined time range, click on the current time range and choose the desired time range from the menu.

Using Filters in Monitoring Dashboards

Server Filters and App Filters All dashboards can be filtered by server. Additionally, the app metrics dashboards can be filtered by app.

Average vs. Maximum in Metrics Charts

Many resource limitations and other issues can't be seen when using visualization that aggregate data using averages. Though averages are useful, they don't let you see peaks.

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