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Restoring from a Server Snapshot

When you restore your server from a backup, keep the following things in mind as it reconnects to ServerPilot.

  • If your IP address changes when restoring from a server where ServerPilot is already installed, it will reconnect to ServerPilot automatically with the new IP address. You should also have only one instance of that server running at a time, or it could cause issues with your server.
  • For any app you had deleted from ServerPilot since the snapshot was made and the app now exists on the server again since the restore, recreate the app in ServerPilot to have it be manageable by ServerPilot again.
  • For any app you had added since the snapshot was made and now does not actually exist on the server anymore since the restore, you can delete the app from ServerPilot if you don't want it listed in ServerPilot.

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