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An Overview of Files and Data to Back Up


If you are configuring backups of a server, you need to know what data to back up. This information is useful whether you are making on-server backups or configuring automated backups to other servers or cloud storage services.

Even if you set up your own backups, you should also enable server backups at your server provider.

App Files

Each app's files reside in a directory at:


If you need to back up log files, they are located at:


MySQL Databases

It is not safe or reliable to directly back up MySQL's data directory. Instead, MySQL databases should be backed up using the mysqldump command or a script that runs mysqldump.

If you've installed automysqlbackup, your MySQL dump files will be located at:


Configuration Customizations

If you have customized any configuration files in your server's /etc directory, you may want to back up those changes.

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