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How to Use a Dedicated MySQL Server

The content of this article is for advanced users and expert sysadmins.

ServerPilot cannot offer support with using a dedicated MySQL server.

It is possible to use a dedicated MySQL server with ServerPilot; however, ServerPilot will not automatically configure your server to work in this fashion.

To use a dedicated MySQL server, you would first need to follow our tutorial to allow remote access to your MySQL server from the main server's private IP address.

Then, you can manage this setup in one of two ways:

  • You can manually create databases and database users on your database server.

  • If you connected your database server to ServerPilot, you can create the databases through ServerPilot. You will need to create at least one app first even though you will not be running any apps on this server (databases created in ServerPilot must belong to an app).

ServerPilot cannot offer support for making these changes or for any troubleshooting issues related to them.

Last updated: August 25, 2017

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