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How to Install PHP PEAR Libraries

PEAR is a command line PHP library manager that simply downloads PHP libraries hosted at http://pear.php.net.

PEAR itself is already installed by ServerPilot.

You can install PEAR libraries using the following commands run as root and replacing LIBRARY with the name of the library you want to install.

sudo pear5.4-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear5.5-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear5.6-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear7.0-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear7.1-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear7.2-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear7.3-sp install LIBRARY

sudo pear7.4-sp install LIBRARY

See our documentation for tutorials on how to install specific PEAR libraries.

If you are installing a library we do not have a tutorial for, please send us the steps you used to install the library so we can add documentation for it.

If you have trouble installing a particular library, please contact support.

Last updated: July 7, 2019

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