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How to Configure Protect in WordPress

Protect is a key part of WordPress's Jetpack plugin that helps block brute force attacks against your site. Protect provides brute force attack prevention by tracking failed login attempts across all Jetpack installations and blocking any IP that has too many failed login attempts.

Configuring Protect

Protect is automatically enabled and will start blocking brute force attacks as soon as Jetpack is activated. However, you can configure Protect to allow known safe IPs to access your site.

First, open Jetpack.

Then, click Configure in the Protect box.

Now, you can add any safe IP addresses to your whitelist.

Your site is now configured and protected against brute force attacks.

Protect was previously available as the stand-alone plugin BruteProtect. BruteProtect is still available in the WordPress plugin repository if you do not wish to install Jetpack; however, after its incorporation into Jetpack, BruteProtect is no longer updated.

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