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How to Check Your .htaccess Rewrite Rules for Errors

Using .htaccess files is the safest way to customize the Apache configuration for your app. Through .htaccess files, you can use all of the common Apache directives from modules, including mod_rewrite, mod_expires, and many others.

At times, you might need to check a .htaccess rewrite rule before you apply it, so the team at madewithlove has created a tool to test your rewrite rules.

First, visit http://htaccess.mwl.be.

Then, enter your site's url and your .htaccess rewrite rule in the appropriate fields.

Click Check Now.

The .htaccess tester will then give you any information needed to debug your rule.

You can continue tweaking and checking your rewrite rule until you have it ready to apply to your app.

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