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Getting Started with SSL

This tutorial series will show you how to set up SSL for your apps while explaining how SSL and HTTP/2 work to secure your app's content for your visitors.

  1. Secure Sockets Layer, commonly know as SSL, is the encryption technology used to secure the connection between a web server and a browser.
  2. ServerPilot offers two ways to deploy SSL on your site: by using one of ServerPilot's free AutoSSL certificates or by deploying a certificate you bought from a certificate authority (CA).
  3. If you have a single app that needs to use SSL for multiple domains, you will need a multi-domain SSL certificate.
  4. If you have a single app on your server that will be using many subdomains, you may want to use a wildcard SSL certificate.
  5. If you already purchased an SSL key and certificate and are moving from another host, you can use the same key and certificate on your server managed by ServerPilot.
  6. ServerPilot automatically enables HTTP/2 on your SSL-enabled apps. Once you add your SSL certificate, there's nothing more you need to do.

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