Referral Program

Telling your friends about ServerPilot?
Give them $10 in credit and earn $25 for each one that signs up.

How It Works

  1. Tell your friends about ServerPilot.
  2. Your friend signs up and receives $10 in credit.
  3. You earn $25 after your friend reaches $25 in billings.

Referral Program FAQ

How do I get started?
All ServerPilot accounts are given a unique referral link that can be used when endorsing our services. Your unique referral link can be found in in your "Account" > "Referrals" page in ServerPilot.
How are referrals awarded?
Referrals are awarded with account credit.
How do I earn the account credit?
Anyone you refer to ServerPilot who signs up using your referral link will immediately receive $10 in credit toward ServerPilot's paid plans. We'll give you $25 in credit once they upgrade to a paid plan and have paid $25 for ServerPilot's services.
Is there a limit to the credits I can earn?
There is no limit to how many credits you can earn.
When do I receive my account credit?
You will receive your account credits after each referral completes $25 of billing, excluding their promotional credits.
How do I see my referral stats?
In your account's "Referrals" page, you'll see three stats. "Clicks" are the number of times your referral link has been clicked. "Referrals" are the number of accounts that have signed up using your referral link. "Earnings" is the total number of credits you've earned from referrals who have spent at least $25.
Can I use the ServerPilot logo in my links?
You can! Take a look at our logos and badges you can use on your websites.