Control Panel for PHP and WordPress Hosting

We've created the fastest, easiest, and most secure control panel so you can focus on your business.

Whether your sites are WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Drupal, or anything else, hosting them on DigitalOcean or your favorite cloud provider has never been easier.

For Cloud Servers

From instant setup to minimal resource usage, ServerPilot is optimized for use on VPSes.

Grows With You

Use our Free plan as long as you need. Only upgrade when you want additional features.

Beautifully Simple

We've made professional hosting on cloud servers easy for everyone.

Advanced Architecture

Built to empower developers with modern hosting on cloud servers, ServerPilot not only makes sites faster and servers more secure, it also brings efficiency to your team and business.


Connect new servers in seconds. Move around our interface at light speed.


Manage and monitor all of your servers and websites in one place. There's no bloat or insecurity of a control panel on each server.


Our all-star team designed ServerPilot from the ground up for reliability and security.

Server and Website Configuration

When you connect a server to ServerPilot, our automated systems install and configure all of the necessary software for running your websites.

Amazing App Stacks

Nginx in front of Apache. PHP-FPM and MySQL. And you don't have to touch a single configuration file.

Multiple PHP Versions

Run websites with PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 on the same server. Easily change PHP versions at any time.

We Handle the Details

Automated package updates. System clock updates. IPv6 support. Monitoring. You can rest assured that no detail was missed.

Server and Website Monitoring

We've built great monitoring right into our control panel. Integrated monitoring not only saves you time, it also takes advantage of the fact that ServerPilot knows exactly what's running on your server and how it's configured.

Server Health

We give you real-time server stats such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk space, and bandwidth. Keep an eye on everything through our dashboard.

Request Stats

Access to critical request stats enables you to understand the health of your apps and what your users are experiencing. Track requests and errors for each app while having immediate access to log entries for any errors.

Performance Management

From stack traces of slowly executing scripts to actionable information on execution time and memory usage, ServerPilot's Application Performance Management makes it easy for PHP developers to understand and improve their apps' performance.

Optimized for PHP and WordPress Sites

ServerPilot optimizes your servers and application stacks to give you the best performance possible. Using modern technologies such as Nginx and PHP-FPM, you're just a few minutes away from a new era of performance.

Switching to ServerPilot gave Resurva a 10x speedup and has allowed us to easily scale as we've grown. James Hamilton, Founder, Resurva


Nginx is the modern, secure, lightweight web server that has quickly become the most popular webserver among the Internet's top 1,000 sites. ServerPilot configures Nginx as your public-facing webserver so you get the same performance benefits as the world's busiest sites.


Process-based servers use much more RAM than asynchronous servers and degrade much faster in resource-restricted environments such as VPSes. ServerPilot configures your server with an asynchronous public-facing webserver rather than a process-based webserver.


Based on SPDY, a protocol originally developed by Google to reduce page load time, HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of web page resources so only one connection per client is required.


PHP's official FastCGI process manager, FPM, allows your site to scale up the number of PHP processes as demand increases.

Minimal Resource Usage

ServerPilot uses very few system resources. As there is no frontend running on any of your servers, you aren't wasting resources running a control panel alongside your applications.

Server and Website Security

ServerPilot leverages modern security practices, an experienced team that includes security researchers, and an architecture designed for security to keep your servers and websites safe.

Automated Updates

ServerPilot keeps your server's packages up to date so you always have the latest security patches.

Firewall by Default

From the moment you connect your server, malicious traffic to private services is blocked by an iptables firewall we configure on your server.

No Extra Open Ports

Unlike other control panels, you don't increase your attack surface with a control panel exposed on each server.

Never Outdated

Stop worrying about control panel upgrades. You never have to worry about your control panel version, what might break when you upgrade, and whether you missed an update on any of your servers.

SSL Made Simple

Say goodbye to browser certificate warnings. ServerPilot will issue a free SSL certificate for you and deploy it with just one click. And ServerPilot is always secure over HTTPS.

Best Practices

We've baked best security practices into everything we do on our side and how we configure your servers and websites. Learn more about our security practices.

Unprivileged PHP

Your PHP processes run as an unprivileged system user, keeping your websites isolated from the rest of your services.


We configure secure SFTP on your servers so you don't have to use insecure FTP.

App Isolation

We make it simple to run every app under a different system user so you can isolate apps and use separate SSH/SFTP accounts.

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