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What Is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS), are protocols used for securing the communication between web browsers and servers.

How to Use AutoSSL

With AutoSSL, ServerPilot can automatically issue, deploy, and renew SSL certificates for your apps. We're proud to have made ServerPilot's AutoSSL the industry standard for painless deployment of free SSL certificates.

Multi-domain SSL Certificates

You can use ServerPilot's AutoSSL to get SSL certificates that cover multiple domains in the same app. If you have a single app that needs to use SSL for multiple domains, you will need a multi-domain SSL certificate.

OCSP Stapling

ServerPilot automatically enables OCSP stapling for all SSL-enabled apps, including apps using AutoSSL certificates and apps using SSL certificates purchased from your own certificate authority (CA).

How to Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

You can test SSL deployment by generating a self-signed SSL certificate. Keep in mind that self-signed certificates are not recognized as valid by any browser.

How to Fix an Encrypted SSL Private Key

If your SSL key is encrypted, you'll first need to decrypt it before using it to secure your app with HTTPS.

How to Generate an SSL Key and CSR

Generating an SSL key and certificate signing request (CSR) is the first step in making your website securely available over HTTPS.

How to Install an SSL Certificate on Your Site

Having an SSL certificate on your site is one of the best ways to build trust with your visitors, especially if your site is an ecommerce store.

How to Resolve Mixed Content Warnings on Your SSL Site

If your site does not display correctly or does not show a lock icon in the address bar when accessed over HTTPS, your browser is likely preventing the page from showing mixed content.

How to Resolve Security Warnings on Form Submissions

If you receive a security warning like the one above when you submit a form over your SSL-enabled site, do not be alarmed.

How to Use an Existing SSL Key and Certificate in ServerPilot

You're welcome to move your existing SSL key and certificate, but you can also use ServerPilot's free Auto SSL certificates.

HTTP/2 Is Enabled for Your SSL Websites

ServerPilot automatically enables HTTP/2 on your SSL-enabled apps. Once you add your SSL certificate, there's nothing more you need to do.

Purchase a Signed SSL Certificate

Once you've generated an SSL key and CSR, you can purchase a signed SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA).

Running Multiple SSL Sites on One IP Address

You can run multiple SSL-enabled apps on the same server with a single IP address because ServerPilot configures your apps with SNI support.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

If you have a single app on your server that will be using multiple subdomains, you will need a wildcard SSL certificate.

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