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The program 'php' is currently not installed.

ServerPilot uses its own PHP builds so you can have multiple versions of PHP available for apps on your servers.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

Many common website loading errors can be solved with a very simple and often forgotten solution: clearing your browser's cache on your local machine.

How to Fix File Permissions

If your PHP or WordPress app is having problems creating or writing to files or directories, the problem is almost always incorrect file ownership.

serverpilot-installer.py errors

If you run the ServerPilot manual installer on a server not running 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04, you may see one of the following error messages.

How to Fix a White Screen in WordPress

Many common WordPress errors result in a white screen when you visit your app's URL, a problem often referred to as the "

How to Clear Your DNS Cache

If you have recently updated your DNS and your site does not load correctly, you might be experiencing DNS caching issues on your local machine.

How to Resolve 'Call to undefined function mysql_connect()'

After upgrading your app to PHP 7+, there is a very slim chance you will receive the following error:

How to Resolve 'Call to undefined function mysql_escape_string()'

If you have uploaded a new theme or plugin to your site, you might rarely receive the following error:

How to Resolve 'Call to undefined function mysql_error()'

After upgrading your app to PHP 7+, there is a very slim chance you will receive the following error:

How to Increase File Upload Limits in PHP

If you receive errors when uploading files or images to your app, you can increase the file size upload limit by changing your app's PHP settings.

[RuntimeException] Package could not be downloaded, sh:1 svn: not found

Typically, users will see this error when installing the smarty package with composer and svn has not been installed yet.

How to Fix '403 Forbidden' Errors

The error "403 Forbidden" comes from the Apache web server when either a directory was requested but the directory does not have an index.

How to Fix '500 Internal Server Error'

The message "500 Internal Server Error" comes from the Apache web server. The most common cause of this problem is an error in the app's .

How to Fix '503 Service Unavailable' Error

If you're seeing 503 Service Unavailable errors, this means PHP processes are crashing while executing a script. As a result, Apache is not getting a valid response from PHP and considers the PHP-FPM service to be unavailable.

How to Fix 'Failed to read FastCGI header' Apache Error

If you see the error "Failed to read FastCGI header" in your app's Apache error log file at log/APPNAME/APPNAME_apache.error.log, there are three most likely causes:

How to Fix Apache Error 'server reached MaxRequestWorkers setting'

If you see the following message in your Apache error log: server reached MaxRequestWorkers setting this does not mean there is anything wrong with Apache or your Apache MaxRequestWorkers setting.

How to Fix PHP 'zend_mm_heap corrupted' Error

If you see the error zend_mm_heap corrupted in the global PHP-FPM error log file at /var/log/phpX.Y-fpm-sp.log, the most likely cause of the problem is a buggy PHP extension crashing PHP.

How to Fix WordPress 'error establishing a database connection'

The most common cause of "error establishing a database connection" in WordPress is your server running out of memory. When the server runs out of memory, MySQL will crash.

How to Fix WordPress Error '404 Page Not Found'

The error message "404 Page Not Found" will most likely appear in your browser when you have not completely migrated your WordPress site from one server to another.

How to Increase max_input_vars

If your PHP app displays the following error: Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 1000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.

How to Resolve 'Warning! Remote Host Identification Has Changed!'

Do not be alarmed if you receive this message when you SSH in to your server for the first time:

How to Resolve Mixed Content Warnings on Your SSL Site

If your site does not display correctly or does not show a lock icon in the address bar when accessed over HTTPS, your browser is likely preventing the page from showing mixed content.

How to Resolve Security Warnings on Form Submissions

If you receive a security warning like the one above when you submit a form over your SSL-enabled site, do not be alarmed.

How to Stop Other Domains from Mirroring Your Apps

When you visit someone else's domain and see your site instead, this is most likely not intentional mirroring of your site.

No command 'composer' found

ServerPilot uses its own PHP builds so you can have multiple versions of PHP on a server independent of what Ubuntu ships.

Server Not Connected

If your server shows as "not connected" in ServerPilot, the cause is usually one of the following reasons: Your server is offline at your provider.

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