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What Are Apps?

Apps are your web applications. Sometimes people call apps "websites." Supported Languages ServerPilot currently supports PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.

How to Change the Database Password

To change a database user's password, follow the steps below. First, open your app in ServerPilot and click Databases.

How to Create a Database

Many PHP apps require a MySQL database. You can create MySQL databases for apps in ServerPilot. First, open your app in ServerPilot and go to the Databases tab.

How to Migrate an App

We offer a free, automated migration service call DataShuttle. These instructions show you how to migrate an existing website from a shared host to a server managed by ServerPilot.

How to Change the WordPress URL

The WordPress settings named "Site Address (URL)" and "WordPress Address (URL)" (available in your WordPress Dashboard under Settings → General) are used to set the public URL of your site.

Where to Find Your App's Files

Your application files live your app's public folder, also called the web root directory. When you SSH/SFTP in to your server as your app's system user, this directory will be located here, where APPNAME is the name of your app:

How to Change PHP Version from 5.4 to 5.5

ServerPilot allows you to change the PHP version under which your App runs after it's already been configured. Simply follow these steps:

How to Change PHP Version from 5.5 to 5.6

ServerPilot allows you to easily change your app's PHP version. This is a simple and powerful way to develop and test your WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and other applications with PHP 5.

How to Change PHP Version from 5.6 to 7.0

ServerPilot allows you to easily change your app's PHP version. This is a simple and powerful way to develop and test your WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and other applications with PHP 7.

How to Create a Subdomain

Using subdomains with ServerPilot is exactly the same as using any other domain name. If you want your users to see a different website when visiting a subdomain, such as being taken to your online store when visiting "

How to Install ownCloud

ownCloud is open-source software that allows you to turn your server into your own cloud storage and sync files to your ownCloud server from your desktop or through mobile apps available from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

How to Use Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that contain non-ASCII characters. For example, the domain bücher.ch is an IDN because it has the character ü.

How to Run Apps under Different System Users

By default, a separate system user is created for each app. This ensures each app is securely isolated from the others.

How to Redirect to a Different Domain

To redirect all requests to a different domain name, create a .htaccess file in your app's web root directory:

How to Host html and Other Static Websites

Along with your dynamic PHP apps, you can easily host your normal html and other static files on your server managed by ServerPilot.

How to Set the Default App

If your server is configured to allow requests for domains that don't belong to any of the apps on your server, those requests will be handled by your server's default app (sometimes called the default site).

How to Preview Apps before They Are Live

When migrating a website to a new server, you usually want to view the website before changing the domain's DNS to point to the new server.

How to Install ProcessWire

ProcessWire is an open-source content management system and framework. After connecting a server to ServerPilot, you can install a ProcessWire app using SFTP.

How to Change the PHP Memory Limit

You can change the amount of memory PHP allots to each request by using a .user.ini file. Using .user.ini does not change the WordPress memory limit.

How to Change the Version of the 'php' Command

For each PHP version ServerPilot installs on your server, ServerPilot also installs the PHP command line interface (CLI) for that PHP version.

Choosing the Right Amount of Plugins for Your Site

A plugin is a piece of code that, when added to your website's core, extends or expands the functionality of a specific feature or of your site as a whole.

An Overview of Files and Data to Back Up

Introduction If you are configuring backups of a server, you need to know what data to back up. This information is useful whether you are making on-server backups or configuring automated backups to other servers or cloud storage services.

How Many Apps Can I Run on My Server?

Numerous factors can determine how many apps you can run on your size server. The most important things to consider when adding apps are memory, disk space, and CPU.

How to Add and Remove Domains

If you didn't set your app's domain when you created it in ServerPilot (or if you need to change it), don't fret.

How to Assign Different IP Addresses to Different Apps

ServerPilot configures your server to listen on all interfaces, so if your server has multiple IP addresses, you can access it from all of them.

How to Create an App

ServerPilot makes it easy to create PHP apps and manually install them onto your server using SFTP. An app is a web application, such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, or Drupal.

How to Disable or Suspend an App

If you need to temporarily disable or suspend an app, follow these steps: Make sure you've created a separate default app.

How to Enable Directory Indexes (a.k.a. Directory Listing)

Directory listing is a webserver feature where the webserver will automatically generate an HTML page that lists the files in a directory when there is no index.

How to Install Grav CMS

After you connect your server to ServerPilot, you can install Grav on your cloud server using SFTP. Grav is a flat-file content management system.

How to Install LimeSurvey

The open-source LimeSurvey lets you create and publish custom, branching surveys and then collect the responses for analysis. Create an App in ServerPilot To install LimeSurvey, you'll need to connect a server to ServerPilot and then click + Create App.

How to Install October CMS

October is a content management system built using the Laravel framework. After you connect your server to ServerPilot, you can install October CMS on your server using SFTP.

How to Install PrestaShop

PrestaShop's open-source ecommerce platform allows you to create powerful web stores through an easy-to-use interface. You can install PrestaShop on your server with DigitalOcean, Rackspace, or Linode using SFTP after you have connected your server to ServerPilot.

How to Run Apps in Any Language

Careful! We can only provide support for PHP apps. Unless you're absolutely sure about what you're doing, you should stop now!

How to Serve a Subdomain from a Subdirectory

If you need a subdomain to point to the subdirectory of an existing app, complete these three steps: Create a separate app under the same system user.

How to Use a Custom Web Root Directory

The web root directory of an app is the directory that files are served from. Your ServerPilot apps use a directory called public.

How to Use Wildcard Subdomains

If you have a site that uses an ever-increasing number of subdomains, such as WordPress Multisite, ServerPilot makes it easy to add a wildcard subdomain to your app so that requests for any subdomain will work for your app.

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