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Root User Guide

Every server has a root user that has full privileges to do anything on the server. Being able to do anything is a dangerous ability. In fact, once you've connected your server to ServerPilot, you should try to avoid using SSH or SFTP as root.

Deploying Apps

You should not upload app files or create files in your app using root. If you do, you'll end up with permissions problems in your apps and your apps won't work correctly.

To upload files to your apps, you should SSH/SFTP into your server as the system users your apps belongs to. For more information, see our system user guide.


ServerPilot cannot provide support for customizations. We always recommend avoiding customizations unless you absolutely need to customize your server. Customizations increase complexity, and complexity often leads to downtime and vulnerabilities.

If you do need to customize your server, please first search and read our documentation for information that can help.

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