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How to Use VaultPress to Back Up WordPress

When it comes to backing up your WordPress site hosted on ServerPilot, VaultPress is one of the best tools available. A subscription service maintained by the team at Automattic, VaultPress provides automated daily or real-time backups of your site onto WordPress.com's cloud servers.

Daily backups typically occur 24 hours after the previous backup. Real-time backups use WordPress hooks to alert VaultPress to create a backup each time something changes on your website.

VaultPress's subscription plans start at $5 per month ($55 per year) and increase based on the level of service required.

Installing VaultPress

To install VaultPress, first log in to your WordPress site and open the Add Plugins panel.

Search for VaultPress and click Install Now.

When the installation is complete, click Activate Plugin.

You'll then be given an alert that VaultPress needs your attention. Click Register VaultPress.

If you have already signed up with VaultPress, you can enter your registration key now. If you have not signed up, view the plans and pricing. (Because it is an Automattic product, VaultPress requires a WordPress.com account to register.)

After entering your registration key, click Register.

Checking the Status of Your First Backup

Once the plugin is registered for your site, VaultPress will immediately begin its first backup. Depending on the size of your website, this first backup can take up to a day; however, subsequent backups will take even less time.

Visit the VaultPress Dashboard to check the status of your backup or to contact VaultPress support.

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