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How to Use Redis with WordPress

If you have followed our instructions to install Redis and the Redis PHP client extension, you will also need to install the Redis Object Cache plugin to use Redis with WordPress.

File-backed caching (as properly configured with WP Super Cache or WP Rocket) will always be faster than using Redis. We don't recommend using Redis for WordPress caching unless you are an expert sysadmin who understands when and why to use it.

After installing Redis and the PHP Redis client extension, log in to your WordPress Dashboard and select Add New from the Plugins menu.

Then, search for "Redis Object Cache" and click Install Now on the matching result.

When the plugin has installed, click Activate Plugin.

Now, select Redis from your WordPress Settings menu.

Click Enable Object Cache.

Redis will now work with your WordPress site.

Only use Redis if WordPress is the only app on your server. The data stored in Redis will be accessible to all apps on your server, so it is not secure to use Redis on a server with more than one app.

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