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How to Create a Strong Password

Password strength is one of the most important factors in determining the ability of your server and your apps to ward off brute force attacks.

Three Keys to a Strong Password

These are three essential items to know when creating a strong password:

  • Have a minimum length of 12 characters; longer is better.
  • Use upper and lowercase letters combined with numbers and special characters.
  • Use a random password generator when possible.

Things to Avoid in a Password

Avoid these items when creating a password:

  • Character repetition
  • Keyboard patterns
  • Related dictionary words
  • Letter or number sequences
  • Usernames
  • Names of pets, relatives, or love interests
  • Biographical information like birthdates, anniversaries, addresses, and phone numbers

A "Random" String to Remember

One way to remember a strong password is to create a seemingly random string of characters by using the first letter of each word in a 12-word (or longer) sentence and substituting uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters where you can.

For example, if you enjoy the cartoon My Little Pony, you can express your fandom with the sentence

My Little Pony is the best; I watch it three times a week.

This can then be written as the strong password


A "Longer, Easier" String to Remember

If remembering a random string of characters is difficult for you, you can create a password using a combination of three or four long unrelated words, some hyphens, and a number.

The words should be completely unrelated yet memorable; for example,

Last updated: August 25, 2017

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