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How to Customize Your Server's Firewall

If you need your server's firewall rules to be different than the firewall rules configured by ServerPilot, you can customize your server's firewall.

Manually Customizing Your Firewall

We can't provide support for problems due to incorrect firewall customizations.

You should only attempt manual firewall customization if you're an experienced sysadmin.

If you are experienced with server administration and firewall management, you can use any tool you prefer to manage your server's iptables firewall.

If you need to manually customize the firewall on your server, you should first disable ServerPilot's management of your server's firewall. To do this, log in to ServerPilot, go to your server's Settings, and choose the option to disable the firewall.

If you don't disable ServerPilot's management of your firewall, your customizations may be lost.

Last updated: September 27, 2016

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