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Customizing MySQL for WHMCS 7

The WHMCS 7 documentation currently does not state which MySQL 5.7 sql_mode customizations need to be made. This article is based on feedback we've heard from users about how they have successfully gotten WHMCS 7 working.
If you're using WHMCS 6, use the instructions in our article on disabling SQL strict mode.

As WHMCS 7 was not written to support modern MySQL syntax, you must make customizations to MySQL to install and use WHMCS 7 with MySQL 5.7.

SSH in to your server as root and create a new configuration file using nano or the editor of your choice:

sudo nano /etc/mysql/conf.d/disable_strict_mode.cnf

In the file, enter these two lines:


Finally, restart MySQL with this command:

sudo service mysql restart

Last updated: October 06, 2016

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