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Cloning and Resizing Servers

It is only safe to clone or resize a server managed by ServerPilot if you shut down the original server before you bring the new server online.

Once you bring a restored or resized server online, ServerPilot will recognize the server even if the IP address has changed.

If you restore a server from a snapshot, you should disable and then re-enable AutoSSL for all apps on that server. Otherwise, your apps may be running with old SSL certificates that are expired or will expire soon.

Running Multiple Servers Based on a Single Snapshot

ServerPilot does not currently support running multiple servers based off a server snapshot created after the server was connected to ServerPilot. If you need multiple servers managed by ServerPilot, you must start each server from a fresh image and individually connect each server to ServerPilot.

If you clone a server that is already connected to ServerPilot and leave the original server running, your server configurations on both servers will break. Additionally, the server state displayed in ServerPilot will be incorrect.

ServerPilot support will not be able to help you correct an inconsistent server state created by running multiple servers from an image created after a server was connected to ServerPilot.

Custom Base Images

If there are customizations you'd like to make to the base Ubuntu image you're using, you must make those customizations on the base image before installing ServerPilot.

If you are not sure whether a base image customization is compatible with the ServerPilot installer, please contact support.

Cloning Using Rsync

It is not possible to clone or migrate an entire server using Rsync. If you need to move all apps and databases to a new server, you must connect a new server to ServerPilot, recreate your apps and databases on the new server in ServerPilot, and then copy the contents of the apps and databases to the new server.

Creating a Staging Environment

Because you cannot have two copies of the same server connected to ServerPilot at the same time, you cannot clone a server to create a staging environment for your apps. Instead, you should connect a new server to ServerPilot and clone your apps to the new server.

Last updated: July 13, 2018

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