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Business Plan Features

Along with all features of the Economy plan, ServerPilot's Business plan offers server and app resource usage statistics, a log viewer, and priority support.

Priority Support

Timely support is important. If your server is on the Business plan, support requests for that server and the apps on it get bumped up in priority.

Server Health Stats

Memory, CPU usage, and bandwidth statistics are available to Business plan servers. These detailed charts allow you to view your server's stats by the hour, by the day, or by the week.

You can also view and sort your servers list by their current stats in order to quickly see which servers are using the most resources.

App Resource Usage Stats

Easily find out how many PHP processes each app has active, how much total memory is being used by that app's PHP processes, and how much disk space the app is using across its files, logs, and databases.

Log Viewer

ServerPilot provides an integrated log viewer for servers on the Business plan. You can view the most recent log entries from global server logs as well as individual app logs.

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