Thank You, Let's Encrypt! ServerPilot Is Now a Sponsor.

March 6, 2018

Even before the first line of ServerPilot's code was written, we'd dreamed of giving developers the ability to issue and deploy SSL certificates with the click of a button. We'd talked to Certificate Authorities, but all we found were inadequate APIs and high prices. However, that all changed in November 2014 when Let's Encrypt announced their intention to create a free Certificate Authority built entirely around an API. Given the amazing people working on Let's Encrypt, we knew our dreams were about to become reality.

When the public beta of Let's Encrypt's began in December 2015, we jumped into action. In March 2016, after determining Let's Encrypt was already extremely reliable, we launched AutoSSL, our Let's Encrypt integration with single-click SSL deployment. Shortly after, Let's Encrypt left beta and their growth has not stopped. In June 2017, Let's Encrypt issued their 100 millionth certificate.

Here at ServerPilot, we're proud to announce that as of March 2018 we are an official sponsor of Let's Encrypt. This wouldn't be possible without all of you, our users who have helped us grow over the past years.

Thank you, Let's Encrypt, for making a safer Web!