WHMCS Addon Modules

WHMCS is a PHP app that provides a customer-facing billing and support system for hosting companies.

WHMCS Name and History

The name WHMCS stands for WHM Complete Solution. So what's WHM? WHM, or WebHost Manager, is part of cPanel's hosting control panel. As WHMCS was originally created in 2006 to add a billing system on top of cPanel, they used WHM in the name.

Since 2006, WHMCS has become an extensible billing and support system on top of many hosting control panels, not just cPanel. This support for many control panels is done through WHMCS Addons.

WHMCS Addon Modules for ServerPilot

WHMCS plugins for ServerPilot can be built on top of the ServerPilot API.

Don't want to write your own? The WHMCS plugin below has already been developed for ServerPilot.

ServerPilot Shared Hosting WHMCS Module


WHMCS App Store

Author: Hypnotic Monkey

License: Commercial

First Release: March 2015

WHMCS Versions: 6+

Allows selling of apps on a ServerPilot-managed server directly from WHMCS.



  • Create app
  • Terminate app
  • Set max domains
  • Set max databases
  • Allow SSL


  • Create and manage apps
  • One-click WordPress installs
  • Manage PHP versions
  • Add and remove domains
  • Add and remove databases
  • Manage SSL, including enabling AutoSSL
  • Enable and disable HTTP-to-HTTPS redirection


WHMCS Alternatives

If you prefer not to use WHMCS, the following WooCommerce module exists for selling DigitalOcean droplets managed with ServerPilot.

WooCommerce Hosting


Author: OptArt

License: Commercial

First Release: October 2017

WooCommerce Hosting allows you to sell and configure droplets. The plugin supports DigitalOcean and ServerPilot.

Last updated: October 13, 2017