Managing Your ServerPilot Account

This tutorial series will cover how to manage your ServerPilot account, view your invoices, add and delete servers and system users, and more. Be sure to review its companion series to learn how to manage your server with ServerPilot.

  1. Coach and Business Plan Features

    Free SSL certificates, server and app statistics, two tiers of priority support, a variety of features spread across our paid plans.
  2. How to Change Your Account Email Address and Password

    Changing your ServerPilot account email address and password can be done from the Account screen in ServerPilot.
  3. How to Rename Your Server

    It's easy to change your server's display name in ServerPilot.
  4. How to View Your Invoices

    Your monthly invoices are available for viewing and printing in ServerPilot. These will include your company's billing information and each of the servers on your account.
  5. How to Have Servers on Different Plans

    If you have multiple servers but only need some of them on the Business or Coach plan and the rest on the Free plan, you will need to have two separate accounts, where one is on a paid plan and the other is on the free plan.
  6. How to Move a Server between Accounts

    Easy handoff from designer to client or from plan to plan.