Libraries and Wrappers for the ServerPilot API


The ServerPilot API allows you to configure and manage PHP applications on your servers using scripts you write rather than through the ServerPilot control panel.

The API wrappers listed here allow you to import a library into your programs for interacting with the ServerPilot API.

If you prefer, you can always use the ServerPilot API directly or write your own API wrappers. For more information on using the API directly, see the ServerPilot API Documentation.

If you create your own API wrapper or discover one not listed on this page, let us know!


Author: Kodie Grantham

PHP API Wrappers

Author: Dave Rogers

Author: Praxis Interactive

Author: James West

Author: Zach E

Author: Rudy Affandi

Node.js API Wrappers

Author: Josh Larson

Ruby API Wrappers

Author: Robert Coster


Last updated: January 03, 2018