How to Upgrade Your Account

It's easy to upgrade your free ServerPilot account to the Coach or Business plan.

First, open the Billing tab of your Account page in ServerPilot.

Next, click Update Credit Card.

Enter your credit card information in the popup and click Add card.

Now, you'll be able to select the plan you would like to use for your account.

Remember, ServerPilot plans are applied at the account level, so when you upgrade, all servers on your account will be upgraded to your new plan.

If you would like to have servers on different plans, you will need to have multiple accounts where one is on the free plan and the others are on paid plans. Then, move your servers between your accounts.

If you want to transfer a server, do not delete the server from your account. You will not be able to reconnect that server to ServerPilot.

Last updated: February 03, 2017