Coach Plan Features

ServerPilot's Coach plan offers all the benefits of the Free plan plus priority support, additional SSH/SFTP users, SSL and HTTP/2 deployment, and server health stats.

Priority Support

Though we try to provide great support to all users, support requests from accounts on paid plans get priority.

Unlimited SSH/SFTP Users

SSH/SFTP users are the system users that ServerPilot creates on your server. Multiple system users can provide separate developers access to individual apps on your server and create isolation among apps.

If you think you will have multiple developers running separate apps on your server, you should definitely sign up for the Coach plan. A system user must be created before an app as you can't change which system user an app runs under once you have it set up.

Free SSL Certificates with AutoSSL

The Coach plan grants you access to free SSL certificates for your domains using ServerPilot's AutoSSL feature. With one simple click, SSL is enabled on your apps so they will be available securely over HTTPS.

SSL Deployment

If you would rather use your own certificates, the Coach plan also makes it easy to deploy SSL keys and certificates for your apps. Just add your SSL key and your signed SSL certificate to secure your apps.

HTTP/2 Support

ServerPilot will also enable HTTP/2 for your SSL apps so browsers will be able to load your apps as fast as possible.

Server Health Stats

Memory, CPU usage, and bandwidth statistics are available to Coach users. These detailed charts allow you to view your server's stats by the hour, by the day, or by the week.