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Announcing HostLaunch

May 6, 2019

Today, we're proud to announce HostLaunch, a new hosting automation service. HostLaunch is a platform for operating a modern web hosting company. With HostLaunch, you can be up and running as your own managed VPS hosting company in minutes.

We plan for HostLaunch to go live in August 2019. If you'd like to try it out before then, request access to the preview.

What HostLaunch Does

HostLaunch gives your business its own customer-facing portal for your users to create their own accounts, log in, purchase servers, and manage their PHP and WordPress applications on those servers.

You also have an interface where you and your support team can view information and manage your business.

When one of your customers purchases a VPS from you, HostLaunch uses your own Stripe or PayPal account to charge the customer. HostLaunch then creates and manages a server for your customer using your DigitalOcean and ServerPilot accounts.

Request Access to the Preview

HostLaunch is currently in preview. If you're as excited for the future of hosting automation as we are, request access to the preview.

The preview will give you a chance to see how everything works, to provide feedback, and to ensure you're ready to start using HostLaunch for your business as soon as HostLaunch goes live.

Please send all feedback about HostLaunch to support@hostlaunch.io.