About ServerPilot

What is ServerPilot?

ServerPilot is a server management platform for hosting PHP apps like WordPress on cloud servers from any server provider.

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Our Philosophy


Core to everything we do is simplicity. By carefully choosing what we build and how we build it, we ensure ServerPilot can quickly bring technology changes such as HTTP/2 and the latest PHP versions to our users.


Security is never an afterthought. ServerPilot was architected and built to ensure that our users would never have to worry about our security or the security of their servers.

Our Team

Every member of our team brings their own expertise to our mission of making PHP hosting simple and beautiful. With backgrounds ranging from security research, infrastructure management, technical writing, support, marketing, web development, and design, our team members are unparalleled experts.

ServerPilot was founded in 2012 by Justin Samuel, a security researcher whose academic research includes identifying vulnerabilities in Linux package managers, designing secure software update systems, and securing browsers against CSRF exploits.